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Below you will find samples of 2 of the same exact songs. The first of each pair will be the unmixed version submitted to us from various artists. The 2nd will be the mixed and mastered version done by our Audio Engineers at apollo entertainment. Let YOUR ears be the judge of good quality!


   Mixing is a skillful art that takes years to master, and requires a lot of attention to detail. Mixing is the process of making sure that every track in the song can be heard/or has a place to sit in the audio spectrum so sounds aren't clashing or fighting for space in a certain frequency range, which can really muddy up a song quick. This is done with various techniques... ie: Panning; Compression; EQ; Reverbs; Delays; Side Chaining..etc.


It all comes down to critical thinking and doing whatever it takes to get everything to sit properly in the mix.

Every song on the radio or song that has hit number 1 on the charts has been mixed and mastered, this says a lot.

If your new to mixing or mastering I'm sure you know how crazy and in depth it can get... well.... This is where I come in... This is what we were trained to do.