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Contact info

Jason Widmer

Cell: 503-573-9824

Email: Jwid1987@gmail.com

Jason Widmer

31 years old

Birth place Salem Oregon

Promoter/Audio Engineer


Jason grew up in the small town of Salem Oregon with a lot of musical influences stemming mostly from classic rock, EDM, and hip hop. He's found a musical passion in working and collaborating with artists where endless creative possibilities to concoct that perfect sound can be born.


27 years old

Birth place Sacramento California

Producer/Audio Engineer

Contact info


Email: Yoggybeatz@gmail.com

Yoggy grew up listening to a wide range of music from Metallica to Etta James and everything in-between. He got his hands on a copy of FL Studios when he was fourteen years old and started out making sample based boom-bap rap music. As he got older his style progressed into different styles of music production.